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Clubs and Activities

Venice High School Clubs 2016/2017

Club Names Sponsor Meeting Day(s) Meeting Time Room #
Academic Decathlon Lloyd M/W/F After School 131
Anime Club Morgan Fridays Lunch 240
Band Lee M/W/F After School 5
Bible Reading Club Liang  Fridays Lunch 203
Black Student Union

Lloyd, Tesfom,


Thursday Lunch 14
Chatelaines/Esquires Vicente Wednesday Nutrition 204
Cheer/Dance/Spirit Trocan M/W/F After School Jr. Lawn
Chess Club White Friday Lunch 223
Choir "Allegros" Sarnoff M-F Period 5 Shop 7
Class of 2017 Barnhill Wednesday Lunch 207
Class of 2019 White Wednesday Lunch  223
Christian Club Chew Thursday Lunch 113
Club Oakgrove Hammerstein Wednesday Lunch 31
Computer Club Johnson Monday Lunch 251
Cyber Patriots Martinez T/W After School Shop 1
Drama Club Thrasher Wednesday Lunch 2

Fellowship of

Christian Athletes

Santos Monday Lunch West Gym
Feminism Club Moore Thursday Lunch 245
Freternity Page Tuesday Lunch 221
Gay Straight Alliance Vicente Tuesday Lunch 204
Graphics Club Sernas M/W/Th After School Shop 9
Heal the Bay Toyama Thursday Nutrition 247
Help the Handi Lisowski Tuesday Lunch 108
Humm-N-Strumm Sarnoff M/T/W/F Lunch Shop 7
Japanese Club Nomachi Tuesday Lunch 107
Junior State of America Toyama Tuesday Lunch 247
Just Keep Livin Cabebe T/Th After School East Gym
Knights and Ladies Rose Wednesday Nutrition 122
K-Pop Thrasher Wednesday Lunch 2

Interact Club

Pollock Thursday Lunch 37
Leadership Club (ASB) Gutierrez Monday/Friday

Lunch (M)/

Nutrition (F)

Library Club Gill Monday Lunch Library
M.E.Ch.A Ponce, Morales Thursday Lunch Shop 1
MESA Holland Tuesday Lunch Shop 2
Multi-Cultural Club   Wednesday Lunch 130
Music (Tech. Studio) Lee M/W Lunch Shop 7
The Oarsman/Journalism Zuburi Friday Lunch 11
P.O.P.S. Danziger Wednesday Lunch 120
Pre-Med White Monday Lunch 247
Robotics Rojo Thursday After School Shop 1B

Renaissance Positive

Behavior Program

Sabbah Tuesday    
Science Bowl Kitajima M-F Lunch 235
S.R.L.A Smith/Santos M/W/F After School 54
Spanish Club Leon Friday Lunch 133
STEMM Council Gutierrez/Rojo Thursday Lunch 124
String Orchestra Sarnoff Thursday After School Shop 7
Written Voice Tachiki Tuesday Nutrition 243
World Language Council Nomachi/Roberts Monday Lunch 237