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Ms. R's 3Ps

Ms. R's 3Ps

Classroom Behavior Contract

When in this class please be:

Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings.

Bring all required materials (notebook, paper, pen) and assignments to class.

Be respectful of other people and their property.
Do not use offensive or foul language.
Raise your hand to speak.
Stay in your seat unless given permission to get up.
Do not consume gum, drinks, or food in class. (Plain water is OK.)
Follow the rules of Venice High School (e.g. no electronic devices or non-VHS hats).

Bathroom policy: Use the bathroom during passing periods or at appropriate times in class, such as between activities or during individual or group work time. Do not interrupt a lecture or class discussion unless it is a life-threatening emergency. You may drop off your belongings and go to the bathroom before class (and not be counted as tardy) as long as you get my approval first and return promptly. (This privaledge will be revoked if I feel you are abusing it.) You will have one Potty Pass to use during class each semester. After your first bathroom visit during class, you will need to complete a classroom service at my convenience for any additional bathroom visits or risk receiving a U in cooperation for that grading period. If you save your Potty Pass, you will receive 5 extra credit points for it at the end of the semester.


Tardies: Your tardy will be reported in MISIS. Consequences are administered by the AP office. In class, you will not be eligible for the Friday Raffle during the week you have been tardy.


First offense that week: You are not be eligible for the Friday Raffle that week.
Subsequent offenses that week: Magnet Office and/or your parents will receive an email or call.
Continuing misbehavior, from week to week, will result in referrals to the magnet office and/or AP office as determined necessary, and a U in cooperation for that grading period. Warnings will not be given.

Note: Parents are required to signed this contract.