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Jackets of Excellence

Jackets of Excellence 2020-2021

Our 35th annual Jacket of Excellence Awards will take place on Friday, December 11th, 2020 at 3pm on Zoom.   If you would like to sponsor a jacket for one of our awardees, please pledge online at the Venice Chamber Of Commerce website.   Sponsors are needed:


                                 Venice Community Sponsor        $125

                                 Venice Community Friend           $250

                                 Venice Community Angel            $500

                                 Venice Community Champion     $1,000


Invest in our community's future today!


If you would like to mail in a check, make checks payable to Venice Chamber of Commerce and mail to PO Box 202, Venice, CA 90291.

What is "Jackets of Excellence"

"Jackets of Excellence" is an award to recognize Venice students who have demonstrated the best attributes of a Gondo. 


The Community Luncheon has been honoring staff and community members since 1965. The tradition to honor seniors began in 1984. Since then, over 1,200 jackets have been awarded. The 2016 Community Luncheon committee was represented by members from the Venice Chamber of Commerce, the Venice Neighborhood Council, the Venice Alumni Association, Venice High School, and the WLGS Magnet. There were many corporate sponsors and individual sponsors of the jackets from the community as well. It was a beautiful event attended by over 200 people.


The Venice High School Faculty & Community is very proud to sponsor the students of Venice with The Jackets of Excellence.

Gondoliers that are eligible must meet the requirements that are listed below.

Gondoliers must have:

  • Attended Venice High School or Venice Magnet programs two of the three years, of 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.


  • Student cannot have received more then three Unsatisfactory marks on combined final grades report between 9th and 11th grade.


  • Student must have an overall GPA of 3.75 Los Angeles Unified School District Weighted or higher at VHS.


  • Student cannot have more than 7 absences per year at VHS.


When completing the application, Gondolier must list clubs, sports teams, community service and volunteer work that they have participated in while attending Venice High School.

Any student who has met these qualifications will be eligible to submit an application.

Applications are available in the College Center located upstairs in the Administration building.

Students that have earned The Jackets of Excellence award will receive notification by September 25, 2018.

JOE 2017
JOE 2017
Jackets of Excellence Recipients, 2016
Jackets of Excellence Recipients, 2016

Students Honored:  Joshua Alaie, Hagar Hassan Ali, Mariam Aly, Tanapat Ampornprapha, Daniel Anderson, Wendy Arce, Sara Smith Babakhyi, Jeny Bannon, Ashley Briones, Catherine Barrie, Maina Cioni, John Covarrubias, Corynn Craig, Alexander De La Cruz, Ugyen, Dorji, Simon Greiner, Iris Jacobs, Laura Johnson, Mellia Kanani, Emily Kang, Emily Lui, Benjamin Melechin, Merlyn Miano, Jocelyn Morales, Lauren Moy, Karina Orozco, Ine Richards, Miranda Robinson, Andrew J. Selvo, Anika Troeger, Graciela Trujillo, Yesenia Vargas, Jennifer Vazquez, Blake Wakasa, William Yi

This video comes to us courtesy of Yo Venice! Check out the accompanying article on last year's Luncheon of Excellence.