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Mr. Rojo's Schedule

1:  AP Computer Science Principles

2:  AP Computer Science Principles

3:  Introduction to Data Science

4:  Engineering Design & Development

5:  Prep

6:  Engineering Design & Development

Brent Rojo

My strongest belief is that there is nothing more important to a democracy
than well-informed citizens. I teach not only math and engineering but
also the logic and reasoning to live and succeed in a rapidly changing world.
In my STEMM classes, students learn through the lens of science,
technology and society (STS). We consider how social, political, and cultural
values affect scientific research and technological innovation, and how these,
in turn, affect society, politics and culture.

Mr. Rojo's Office Hours

Office Hours and Tutoring are most Mondays and Thursdays After School and Lunch by Appointment

What I'm Reading

Washington Post's Speaking of Science

CityLab from the Atlantic

Pacific Standard

NY Times Upshot

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight

B.S. Engineering
Civil Engineering