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Schoology Grading

Our school has switched over to Schoology as our online grading platform. Schoology offers many of the same benefits as we had when using Jupiter Ed, but also comes with additional information, like attendance records and behavior logs. It is important to check and login into the Passport website to help keep you informed about your child's progress. You can login anytime to check your student's current grades, homework, missing assignments, test scores, and report cards, and to contact teachers. It's completely secure, so no one else can see your personal information. 


You can set up your Passport account by going to the LAUSD PASSPORT SUPPORT site.  To create an account, click on "Register for an account." You need to have your student's ID number to create your profile.  You can add multiple students to your profile.  If you do not have your student's ID number, it can be found on their school ID card, or on their report card. It is generally their birthdate, followed by an F or M, and three digits.  (example: 081501F123)


If you have difficulty creating the profile, we will have support meetings in the fall to help you create your account.