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Enrollment Information

For New and Returning Students


Venice High School follows enrollment guidelines as set forth by the

Los Angeles Unified School District

 For reference, please see LAUSD Reference Guide: REF-6554.1




Parent or legal guardian identification:

--student’s birth certificate or baptismal certificate and adult’s state identification (driver’s license, DMV Identification Card or Passport)

--court order establishing the parent/guardian relationship


If the parent/guardian does not have any legal identification, the adult must complete the Affidavit of Parent/Legal Guardian Identification (REF-6554.1--Attachment G). The completed affidavit is to be kept in the student’s cumulative record. As a safety precaution, schools shall ask parents/guardians without photo identification to take a picture to be kept on file.


For Caregivers who are not the parent, legal guardian, foster parent, or if the student does not reside with the parent or legal guardian, the enrolling adult will need to complete Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit (REF-6554.1--Attachment I). The adult who enrolls the student must provide all other necessary enrollment documentation, including proof of residence in the attendance area of the school. The Caregiver’s Affidavit is sufficient proof to determine that a student lives in the caregiver’s home, unless there is a suspicion that the student is residing elsewhere (E.C. 48204). This affidavit must be renewed on a yearly basis. If the minor stops living with the caregiver, the caregiver shall notify the school and the affidavit shall be invalid (F.C. 6550). This Affidavit is used for purposes of enrollment. It does not grant the caregiver education rights.


Verification of student age and identity:

The following documents are acceptable methods to establish student age and identity:


--birth certificate

--baptismal certificate


--court order

--health office/vital statistics record of birth certificate date

--letter from the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) verifying the birthdate and an explanation of how this was verified


** If none of these documents are available, the parent/guardian shall complete the Affidavit for Proof of Age of Minor (Attachment F).


Residency Verification (E.C. 48204.1):
A parent/guardian may offer documentation that reasonably verifies that his/her residence is located within school boundaries. The following are examples of documents that may be accepted as proof of residence, but are not limited to:

--utility bills (e.g., gas, water, electricity)
--property tax

-rental/lease agreement, current rental receipt with address of property on receipt

--official government mail (e.g., CalWORKs, Social Security, Medi-Cal)


**Schools shall not accept telephone bills, drivers’ licenses or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Identification Cards as proof of residence. Licenses or identifications may be used to prove identity, but not to verify an address.


Immunization Records:

--Immunization records (including all shots)

--Must include TB shots with dates


Academic History and Information:

--8th grade Diploma from Middle School (if applicable)

--Last Report Card and unofficial copy of transcripts. Must show proof that 8th grade English was passed (if applicable)

--If you’re transferring from another LAUSD high school: you need a PAR (Pupil Accounting Report)

--If you’re transferring from a LAUSD middle school: Please bring an ID20 (Check with the attendance office at the school)

--If you’re transferring from outside LAUSD then your child should be accompanied with transcripts