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Extra Credit Information

Extra credit is a great way of making up for a low test score or a missing assignment here and there. (We are all busy--and human--and make mistakes once in a while, and I believe you should have the chance to make up for your mistakes in my class if the behavior is not a habit.) Extra credit should not be considered a substitution for doing your regular work, however.

The following assignments are intended to complement the course, not a substitution for it. Learning how to work hard and keep up in class is an important part of your education as it is a necessary skill you will need for life, not just for my class. Falling behind and trying to make up for it with a bunch of extra credit at the last minute is discouraged, and may affect your Work Habits mark on your report card. Please note that all late work and extra credit is due the last Friday before each 5-week marking period and is posted on the board in my classroom. No exceptions will be made, so note these dates in your planner or calendar. You may submit any of the following extra credit, but please note that extra credit points max out for each semester at 30 points.




Please see the link on my homepage of the list of acceptable movies to review (which is not a complete list, of all related movies, of course). Any documentary is great, too. Additionally, if you see a movie in a theater or know of one that might be applicable that is not on my list, run it by me before you write your review. 


You may do 8 reviews, two during each 5 week grading period. They are each worth up to 5 points, but 5 points will not be rewarded unless you have done a good job analyzing the movie with the DEPPP Analytical Model. Write 1 paragraph addressing all of the following parts of a DEPPP:

a. Describe (How would you describe the central problem of the plot or issue?)

b. Explain (What are the reasons for this situation or problem?)

c. Predict (What will happen if nothing is done to resolve the issue?)

d. Prescribe (What can be/is done to remedy this situation or problem)

e. Participate (Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? What COULD you do to help this situation in real life?)

f. Lastly, a parent signature is also required indicating to me that you actually watched the movie and wrote the review yourself. 

a. Check with me to find out if a particular exhibit is eligible (Almost any museum and/or museum even will do; just email me to verify at or ask me after class.) Write a review of your experience including a 1 paragraph summary and a 1 paragraph review of what you saw. Your review must also have a parent signature verifying that you attended.  

b. Annenberg Space for Photography Century City, CA (parking is free) Current show. Visit, get a signed program (by someone who works there), and write a 2-paragraph review including a 1 paragraph summary and a 1 paragraph review of what you saw. Your review must also have a parent signature verifying that you attended.  

5. FACT-CHECKING (based on class discussions)
Questions that arise during class are often assigned as extra credit opportunities for students, but they must be announced by me. You are limited to 30 extra credit points for this activity. However, you can only get 9 points (or answer 3 questions accurately) per grading period. In order to get extra credit, you must follow do the following:


a. Hand write neatly (or type) the question at the top of the page.  (Please save paper; if you are submitting more than one at a time, please put them all on one page.)


b. Cite three answer sources for EACH question. Write out the name of each source (e.g. website address) and then give the answer that each source provides IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The reason for three sources is that often our research provides two sources with different answers. This way, your third source/answer should triangulate, or confirm, one of your first two answers. Each answer should include at least 1 complete sentence, preferably more. Please be thorough with your answer. ONLY QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY THREE SOURCES WILL GET CREDIT. If this assignment is not done correctly, it will be returned.


c. Remember, Google is a search engine, not a website. Also, DO NOT print out website information for me (for example, do not print page(s); it's a waste of paper and ink and doesn't show me that you have read and understood the answer.

Good luck, and be sure to email me with any questions: