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Meal Application

More Than a Meal

  • MORE Fee Waivers for AP, SAT & ACT’s
  • MORE Health & Wellness Programs
  • MORE After-School Academic & Enrichment Programs
  • MORE Funding for schools to serve our highest-needs students
  • Free/Reduced Healthy Meals

FACT: Here's what Venice pays for with these funds:

  • 3 Counselor positions
  • 2 Teacher positions
  • Multiple support staff
  • Field trips
  • Equipment such as Chromebooks, and much more...

Completing the meal application takes on an additional meaning this year as it not only serves to verify student eligibility for free and reduced-price meal participation—but it also acts as means for identifying our highest-needs students to ensure that we provide them with necessary supports.

It is very important that you fill out the meal application and turn it in by October. Every eligible form counts and means healthy meals for your child and more money for our schools.

On-Line Meal Application

The information collected is 100% confidential.

Instructions for On-Line Meal Application:

1) Click on the link above

2) Put in your Zip code

3) Choose “Los Angeles Unified School District”

4) Begin Application

Instrucciones para la Aplicaciòn de Comida gratuita y/o bajo costo en linea:

1) Presine el vìnculo de arriba

2) Ingrese su còdigo postal

3) Escoja la opciòn “Los Angeles Unified School District”

4) Inicie el proceso de aplicaciòn