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Academy Administrator

Ms. Lakisha Clark


Academy Coordinator:

Ms. Kirsten Farrell


Academy Counselors

Ms. Jamie Simon-Meyer

Ms. Ivey Willwerth


Sports Medicine


Our Goal

The Sports Medicine Academy is open to 9th, 10th and 11th grade students who are interested in medicine and patient care for the athletic and active population. We strive to educate students to be the healthcare providers of the future by preparing them to pursue advanced degrees and/or their passion in a career after graduation. SMA 10th graders are eligible to join the Sports Medicine Team which offers on campus experience in caring for the student athlete.

Check out Highlights of our Program

Sports Medicine Academy Staff
Contact Kirsten Farrell  Kirsten Farrell Sports Medicine Lead Teacher, Certified Athletic Trainer
Contact Walter Fujita  Walter Fujita Math Teacher
Contact Sophie Sabbah  Sophie Sabbah Teacher
Contact Christine Tachiki  Christine Tachiki English Teacher

Sports Medicine Alumni

Sports Medicine Alumni are currently studying and have graduated from a variety of post secondary institutions.

Azusa Pacific University

Baylor University

Boston University

Brown University



Cal Poly Pomona

Drexel University

Fresno State College

Indiana University

Loyola Marymount University

Mount Saint Mary's

Northeastern University

Northern Arizona University

Occidental College

Oregon State University

San Diego State University

San Francisco State

Tulane University

UC Berkeley

UC Davis


UC Riverside

UC Santa Barbara

UC San Diego

UC Santa Cruz

University of Colorado Boulder

University of San Francisco

University of LaVerne

University of the Pacific

Washington State University


Graduate Schools include

Boston University DPT



USC Keck School of Medicine

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University