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Hazel Kight Witham
Hazel Kight Witham
NaNoWriMo Winner!
NaNoWriMo Winner!

Hazel Kight Witham

Hazel Kight Witham

Hazel Kight Witham is a native of Los Angeles and earned a bachelor's degree in English and American Literature from Brown University and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She is a UCLA Writing Project Fellow and a National Board Certified Teacher who taught English Language Arts at Daniel Webster Middle School for 12 years before joining the Venice STEMM Magnet.

Students in Ms. Witham’s class get first hand experience as novelists, essayists, reporters, poets, and critical readers. Since 2008 all scholars in Ms. Witham's class participate in National Novel Writing Month, where they plan, draft, revise and edit a novel of their own creation. Ms. Witham loves writing, reading, painting, printmaking, biking, and traveling with her family. 

Ms. Witham's Classroom Resources: Class Blogs are Live!

Our scholars have begun blogging to record what we do in class. Blogs are a way of reviewing work, helping those who miss class, and practicing editing skills for publication.


Check out our progress here:


Period 1:

Period 2:

Period 3:

Period 4:

Period 5:


Ms. Witham's blog is here:


Please see Ms. W's Classroom Files to find important resources.

Support our Classroom with DonorsChoose!

Ms. Witham loves to bring in new books and materials for our inspiring young scholars. Please see her latest DonorsChoose grant here: . We appreciate any support you can offer! You can also add a "gift card" if no projects are up at the moment.


Our latest project is for a subscription to New York Times "Upfront Magazine"~a phenomenal classroom resource we will use all year long.

National Novel Writing Month
Students in Ms. Witham's class write novels in November! 30 Days of Literary Abandon where Imagination is Unleashed!

Get Lit (as in Literary): Words Ignite!

Students were treated to a literary feast on Thursday, January 21st, when the Get Lit Players came to VHS and performed spoken word poetry. It was mind-blowing and soul-expanding!


We are forming a Get Lit team here at Venice to compete in the city-wide Classic Slam in April. See Ms. Witham (room 152) or Ms. Winograd (room 54) if you are interested. Get Lit Club will meet in 152 on Thursdays at lunch. Hope to see you there!


See the Get Lit Poetry Anthology in Ms. Witham's resource files to peruse the classic poems students will be memorizing to compete in the Classic Slam.



B.A. English and American Literature

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M.F.A. Creative Writing
M.F.A. Creative Writing

National Board Certified

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National Writing Project Fellow

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Current Assignments