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Alfredo Korzenik

My number one goal as the Athletic Director of Venice High School, is to help student-athletes develop character.  Winning is a good goal for all teams and athletes to have, but more important than winning is instilling in each student-athlete the desire to be successful, win or loose, as they develop academically, athletically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.


I believe that every one of Venice's student-athletes is unique in this world, with special talents and abilities that they may or may not have discovered yet.  I also believe that every single one of our student-athletes can make a difference in their communities and in the world.  Convincing them of this is the tricky part because many young people, for one reason or another, lack confidence and self-esteem.


Prior to becoming Athletic Director I taught from 2003 to 2017.  My first two years of teaching were at Rossier Park School in Orange County.  I have been teaching at Venice since 2006.  My employment history prior to teaching is as follows:  Upon graduation from The University of Southern California, I worked for the Vanleer Foundation in the city of Boston focusing on social work and helping underprivileged children.  I then spent a few years working as a caseworker for the North American Family Institute, focusing on working with teenagers that were having trouble at school and with the law.

My second career change prior to becoming a teacher was working in the private sector during the .com era and had the opportunity to work for a couple of companies in the Boston area, including 


Two hi-lights in my athletic background are: Working with the Boston Marathon Elite Athlete Program for 11 years, and working in one Summer Olympics with the Romanian, Japanes and Mexican teams.

I coached Cross Country and Track at El Dorado High School and up until 2012 at Santa Monica High School.  I have a passion for coaching because through coaching I have had an opportunity to reach young people outside of the classroom.  Over the years I have found that coaching and athletics enhance the student's school experience and the benefits of participating in sports is tremendous.

My pastimes are running, writing, spending time with friends and family and participating in athletic activities.