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Nancy Zubiri NBCT 2011
Nancy Zubiri

The Oarsman


My book
My book
10/27/15 10:00 AM

Nancy Zubiri

I joined the staff at Venice High School in 1999.  I currently teach English 10, Honors English 10, AP English Language and Composition, and Journalism 1A and 2A. I am the adviser of the school newspaper, The Oarsman. When I first arrived at Venice, I mostly taught Spanish, then English as a Second Language, then I transitioned to teaching English full-time.


I have been the adviser of the student newspaper, The Oarsman, since 2000. Advising the school newspaper is my favorite job at Venice. The paper has improved greatly during the time I have been adviser and the staff has won numerous awards, including a national Newspaper Pacemaker Award from the National Scholastic Press Association in 2012. This award was only granted to 22 high school newspapers nationwide. Since 1993, I have taken a group of journalism students every year to the annual National High School Newspaper Convention, which is held in different West Coast cities. We have traveled to San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Seattle and Phoenix, in addition to attending Los Angeles conventions.


I love teaching English. As a writer myself, I enjoy developing a love of reading among my students and also practicing that difficult task of writing English essays. In today's complex world, being book smart and being able to write long pieces in an organized manner is crucial.


I have been a Nationally Board Certified teacher since 2011.  I received a Master's in Education in 2010. I received my BA from UC Berkeley. I am qualified to teach English, Spanish, English as a Second Language and Social Studies, and I also have a BCLAD (Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development) credential.


I am a former journalist. I spent about 10 years working for several California daily and weekly newspapers, including the Oakland Tribune, and freelance writing for the Los Angeles Times. I published a book, Travel Guide to Basque America, a history and travel book on the Basque community in the United States.


My ethnic background is unique. I am Basque and Peruvian. My father came from the Basque Country in southern France and my mother was from Lima, Peru. My parents met in San Francisco where I grew up bilingually, speaking Spanish at home. I also speak fluent French, having spent several months living in the Basque Country during my college years, and also working for the Journal Francais d'Amerique in San Francisco for two years.


My Alma Mater

BA in Political Science

National Board Certified Teacher
National Board Certified Teacher

M.A. in Education 2010


I received an M.A. in Education at National University with a specialty in Education Technology.

Teaching Credential 1999