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To Nga Nguyen

Trying To Be As Indepedent In Life As We Can Be!

Hello Parents and Students!


I have taught at Venice High School for fifteen years. I was a teacher at Manual Arts High School for three years. I started as a substitute teacher to pay for my graduate studies in Film Production at LMU. I covered many special education classes because there was a big shortage in that field. I fell in love with the responsibility of being a teacher and changing the lives of the students I met. They challenged me to use my educational experiences to keep their attention and teach them something new. I also get to use my English Literature and Theater major at USC to find multicultural materials and to cater to the individual student's interest. I also try to create a nurturing environment after working with many students from foster homes when I was a teacher at Manual Arts High School. I have been a resource teacher and a special day class teacher working with students on the diploma track.


Currently, I am teaching students who have been identified with moderate intellectual disability in the alternate curriculum, which I think is my best professional position so far. My goal is to help my students be as independent as they can be when they graduate high school. My students, who are sixteen and older take, academic classes on campus with their peers in special education classes and in general education classes. They also volunteer at job sites in the community twice a week to work on their vocational skills. On Fridays, we either cook in the school's kitchen to practice their daily functional skills or practice our transportation skills by using public transportation to travel to the district's field trip approved sites. There is also many role playing of mock situations to improve appropriate and social behavior modifications issues that organically shows up in class. It is also important to me to empower my students, whether they can verbally communicate or use their communication board, to use their communication skills to ask for what they need in their life to be as independent as they can be and not fade in the background, which most people on earth are quite comfortable staying.


Thank you for taking time to read this. I also wanted to give you a little background about myself. I was born in Vietnam and came to America when I was eight as a Vietnamese boat refugee. I have lived in a refugee camp in Thailand and moved around in Pennsylvania, Texas, and California while my parents chased the American Dream. Now I live that dream working at a job I love, while paying my student loans from private universities, and traveling to different countries with my teenage daughter during our awesome summer vacations. I am able to live the life I have now because of the public education I received from the best mentors in my life when I was in school. If I can mentor another student and pay it forward, it makes my life so much more rewarding.