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Jennifer Barnhill

Bienvenue !

Qui est Madame Barnhill ? A native of Southern California, Ms. Barnhill first began learning French in high school and loved it so much that she would eventually pursue a graduate degree in French Literature, culminating in studies at L'École Normale Supérieure in Paris, France. Since then, she has worked with students who wish to enrich their language skills and explore new cultures and ideas in France, the French West Indies and the United States.


Pourquoi le francais ? Ms. Barnhill is passionate about her subject matter because of all the benefits that learning a language can provide. It allows people to have enriching travel experiences, see things from new and exciting perspectives, and it's good for the brain. Research has shown that people who speak more than one language tend to have better brain health overall, and that bilingualism can even delay the onset of Alzheimer's. French is a fascinating language in particular, and is the only language other than English to be spoken on all 7 continents. In fact, French is one of the fastest-growing global languages, due in part to the growth of French-speaking countries of sub-Saharan Africa.


In her free time, Ms. Barnhill enjoys sharpening her own language skills by watching French movies, listening to French radio, and (bien sûr !) speaking with other French speakers. Did you know that there are about half a dozen francophone teachers at Venice High? She also enjoys travel, hiking and painting. You can learn more about Ms. Barnhill's teaching philosophy and experience, by visiting her website.

B.S. Business Administration

B.A. French

M.A. French Literature


M.A. Education