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Soni Lloyd

My ultimate goal is to prepare students for a bright future.  Social sciences give them the tools to analyze the political and economic world around them.  As young people form their own identities they are barraged every day with messages attempting to capture their political and consumer allegiances.  My priority is teaching students to improve their critical thinking skills so they can successfully navigate all the environments they will encounter. 


I enjoy seeing students develop and use their voices so they are able to contribute to defining the world around them.  My vision is that students use what they learn here at Venice to take care of themeselves and their communities (local, national, and global).  Two things that really excite me on a day to day basis are great classroom discussions, and evaluating student projects that are creative and inspiring.  To me the optimal classroom is one of growth, healing and transformation for everyone involved. 


Listed below are the current subjects I teach as well as other roles I serve on campus:

Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics

Principles of American Democracy and Economics

United States History

Current out of class activities:

Assistant Track and Field Coach

UTLA Co-Chair

Co-sponsor: Black Student Union

Masters of Education


BA: Sociology and Black World Studies; Athletic Hall of Fame Track and Field

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