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Mokonen Tesfom

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Mokonen Tesfom

Looking Back


Mr. Mokonen loves to teach even though teaching was not his first choice. We could say that the teaching profession chose Mr. Mokonen, and not the contrary. As a junior at San Diego State University, Mr. Mokonen was majoring in Mechanical Engineering and was working as an intern at Impulse Enterprise where he did drafting and testing of underwater and electrical connectors. As Mr. Mokonen was on route for a full time position at Impulse Enterprise, he went to visit a friend who worked as a security at Hoover High School, a low performing inner city school in San Diego. Mr. Mokonen’s friend informed him that Hoover needed volunteers to help students with math so Mr. Mokonen signed up. When Mr. Mokonen started working with students, he remembered how much he had always loved helping others with math. After some days of volunteering, Mr. Mokonen realized that although math had not been his first choice, it had always been his first love so he changed his major to mathematics and decided he was going to become a math teacher. In spring of 2006, his desire to become a teacher became a reality as he started teaching at Venice High School where he has worked since. At Venice High he has taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, and AP Calculus. His desire to help others with math has extended to college, for the last ten years he has been teaching math (from basic math to Business Calculus) at El Camino College.




Mr. Mokonen obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics from San Diego State University, and Masters of Arts Degree in Mathematics Education from Cal State Long Beach.


Personal Life


Mr. Mokonen was raised in Santa Rosa, California where he attended Piner High School. In addition to enjoy helping people with math, Mr. Mokonen is a BIG fan of the bay area teams, specifically the San Francisco Giants (2010, 2012, 2014 champs), Golden State Warriors (2015, 2017 champs), and Oakland Raiders (1983 champs far too long ago). When not at work or grading papers, Mr. Mokonen enjoys taking his two kids to sporting events, fishing and visiting family in the bay area.

Institutions Attended