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The CSF Application for Fall 2020 is Now Closed- Applications are being Processed, but it is Going Slowly.  Please check back next week for the list of accepted members! 

(Application link removed 09/09)

We will not collect dues this semester given the limitations of distance learning, so there is no reason why every Sophomore, Junior and Senior student should not apply.

Please have your final report card for last semester ready before you start your application so that you can refer to it, and upload your report card in the application form.  If you received it in the mail, you can simply upload a photo (JPG). If you did not receive it or lost it, please go to the student section of the Parent Portal, and download your report card as a PDF, and then submit it in the application.

Questions can be emailed to   

Parents:  this must be completed by the students, as if there are any problems with the application, I will be emailing them at their accounts for them to follow up.  

Thank you

Mr. Vicente

CSF Delphians Sponsor

What is CSF Delphians?

The CSF Delphian Honor Society is Chapter 23 of the California Scholarship Federation.  CSF Delphians recognizes students who are active participants in the community and who maintain academic integrity.  Students can apply every semester to be a Delphian. Those students who join as members for four semesters in their 10th, 11th and 12th grades, including at least one in the 12th grade, may receive the recognition of Life Member, which is recognized at the Senior Awards Night and at graduation.  Life Members are recognized with a seal on their diploma, as well as chords for the graduation ceremony.

How do I apply to be a CSF Delphian?

This applies to regular semesters, and not to this semester with distance learning.  Please read it over so that you know what to expect when we return to school physically.

Apply every semester.  There is a short application period of three weeks, and you can contact Mr. Vicente ( to verify the time period.  The application is available to print  in the right hand margin of this page.


  • Fill out the application every semester

  • Attach a photocopy of your most recent report card . Each student must keep track of report cards every semester.  The school will not provide students with a duplicate. If you lost your original copy, please sign in to Schoology and print a copy. This must be done from a computer and not a mobile device. This is a great opportunity to practice organization and responsibility. 

  • Although Freshmen are encouraged to apply in their second semester, membership based on Freshman grades will result in Honorary Membership, but will not count toward Life Membership..  Life Membership comes from four semesters of Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Grades.

  • At least one semester has to come from senior grades, so most likely applying in January of your senior year.

  • A “U” automatically disqualifies you for any given semester

  • Applicants must have 10 points from the valid CSF subject lists

  • It’s just $5.00 to join CSF. Take advantage of it.

What are the course lists? How many points do I earn in each class?



AP U.S. History AB
AP Biology AB
AP Calculus AB/BC
AP Chemistry AB
AP English Language AB
AP English Literature AB
AP Italian AB
AP U.S. Government
AP Physics B
AP Spanish Language AB
AP Statistics AB
AP World History
AP Environmental Sci
AP Micro/Macro Economics

Advanced Composition
Algebra 1AB/2AB
CC Algebra 1AB/2AB
American Literature & Comp

Biology AB
Chemistry AB
Chinese (Mandarin) – 4 yrs

Contemporary Composition

English 9AB
English 10AB
French I, II, III or IV
Geometry AB
CC Geometry AB
Italian I, II, III or IV
Japanese I, II, III or IV
Mandarin I, II, III or IV
Marine Biology
Math Analysis
Modern Literature

World Literature

Physics AB
Physiology AB
Prin. of American Democracy
Spanish I, II, III or IV
Spanish for Spanish Speakers I or II

U.S. Government
U.S. History
World History AB 


Academic Decathlon
Advanced ELD
AP Art History AB
AP Music Theory
AP Psychology
Biomedical Interventions

Computer Science
Geography AB
Human Body Systems

Integrated Coordinated Sciences

Intro to Data Sciences

Medical Interventions
Mexican American Lit




Advanced Band AB
AP Studio Art

Drawing AB

ASB Leadership
Choir AB
Culinary Arts
Digital Imaging AB
Drama AB
Drawing AB
Design Graphic Arts AB

Guitar AB
Introduction to Art

Instruments AB
Keyboard 1AB
Painting AB
Play Production AB
Sports Therapy
Theater Arts Workshop AB

Work Experience