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Keli Arslancan

Keli Arslancan has been teaching in the Media Academy at Venice High School since 2014. At Venice, Keli has taught Government/Economics and World History. This year, she is teaching U.S. History and AP World History. 


Keli believes in the importance of history to give us the necessary tools to understand, question, respond, and act in today’s world. She strives to make coursework relevant to student lives and to the world today, and she continues to learn from students in her classes. 


Keli received her B.A. in History and Studio Art as well as her Masters in Teacher Education from University of California, Los Angeles. She also studied at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. Before becoming a classroom teacher, Keli was a teaching artist for three years and involved in after school programming for five years. She did performance art and dabbled a bit into film editing too. 


On her free time, you might see Keli at neighborhood meetings, with a book and coffee, or in the lap section of the swim pool. 

Media Academy
Media Academy
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Masters in Education
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