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10th Grade English

10th Grade Honors English

AP English Language

Maura Walsh
Maura Walsh
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Maura Walsh

Maura Walsh is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Arts. After moving to Los Angeles and working as an apprentice film editor, she raised two children upon whom she stressed the importance of education and lifelong learning. When her children were in elementary school, she attended California State University, Northridge, where she received her single subject teaching credential in English.


In addition to her career in film and education, Ms. Walsh worked for six years as a freelance writer for the Los Angeles Times, authoring fiction and non-fiction stories published in the Kids’ Reading Room, a page written exclusively for children. Prior to joining the World Languages and Global Studies Magnet, Ms. Walsh taught in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.


Ms. Walsh is an enthusiastic educator who derives great pleasure from teaching and discussing all types of literature with her students. She is a tireless advocate for the importance of students having strong writing skills and critical thinking ability upon graduating from high school. She enjoys hiking and spending time with her family.