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Public Libraries

Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL): For Teens ; library locations ; LAPL catalog


LAPL e-Resources requires an e-card [apply online] or library card for access


County Library (LA): Teens ; library locations ; County Library (LA) catalog


County Library (LA) e-Resources requires a library card for access


Science and Technical Web Resources (LAPL)


County Library (LA): Teen Reading Recommendations


LAUSD Summer Reading List 2017, an LAPL joint reading program  (Best of Teen..., starts on page 6)


Public Libraries provide e-Books

With a valid library card and PIN, you can download e-Books from the Los Angeles Public Library or from the County Library (LA) using the OverDrive app or Web site.  OverDrive allows you to read e-Books and magazines on your e-Reader (Kindle or Nook) or with the OverDrive app.   

Each library has information on how to borrow e-Books and audiobooks, or you can use OverDrive's getting started page. You may register more than one library in the OverDrive app and switch between them within the app.  Once you borrow a book it is automatically returned when due so you will have no late fees.  


Los Angeles County of Education (LACOE) offers e-Library Services for Educators

Teachers may also apply online for a LACOE library card and borrow e-Books and audiobooks from LACOE's eLibrary. This collection specializes in resources for educators. 


Library contact:

  Caroline Gill

  Teacher Librarian, NBCT

  310-577-4291 (Library)


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