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Contact Faculty/Staff

A - C


Contact Brenda Alcaraz  Brenda Alcaraz Algebra 1, Algebra 2
Contact Josh Alexander  Josh Alexander Honors Physics
Contact Clyde Allen  Clyde Allen ELD Alt Cur, Pract. Eng, Pract. Math, Int Social Com, Pract Science, Leisure A
Contact Maxine Amondo  Maxine Amondo (310) 577-4313 Psychiatric Social Worker
Contact Keli Arslancan  Keli Arslancan AP World History, US History 20th, WHG: Mod Wld
Contact Marc Asselin  Marc Asselin Health, Adv Cond, Adv PE 1, Adv PE 2, Golf Var Girl, Cross C Var


Contact Vida Bahremand  Vida Bahremand Dev Math, RSP Teacher
Contact Julia Bare  Julia Bare Biology, Honors Biology, AP Bio
Contact Jennifer Barnhill  Jennifer Barnhill French 1-4
Contact Brian Bleser  Brian Bleser (310) 577-4200 Chem: Earth Sys, Dev Read, Inclusion Teacher
Contact John Bruno  John Bruno (310) 577-4200 Stats & Prob, AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus
Contact Daniel Buccieri  Daniel Buccieri US Hist 20th, AP US Hist,


Contact Lou Campolet  Lou Campolet H Chemistry, Biomed Tech, AP Chemistry
Contact Laurie Chew  Laurie Chew AP Calculus, Honors PreCalc, PreCalc, Algebra 1
Contact Randall Chew  Randall Chew Algebra 2
Contact Lakisha Clark  Lakisha Clark Assistant Principal, Secondary Counseling
Contact Melissa Cornelius  Melissa Cornelius Pract Eng, Pract Math, Pract Science, ELD Alt Cur, Int Social Com

D - G


Contact Harry Delu  Harry Delu (310) 577-4283 Student Store
Contact Wade Dinkins  Wade Dinkins Pract Eng, Pract Math, Pract Science, ELD Alt Cur, Int Social Com
Contact Sarah Dobbs  Sarah Dobbs Geog, H US Hist 20th,


Contact Luisa Eames  Luisa Eames Social Studies: AP Govt & Pol, World History
Contact Chinedu Ezeh  Chinedu Ezeh English 9, English 10, Strategic Lit 1


Contact Angela Fajardo  Angela Fajardo Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Contact Kirsten Farrell  Kirsten Farrell Sports Med, Medical Terms, Athletic Training, Sports Medicine Lead Teacher, Ce
Contact Tyler Fister  Tyler Fister Painting 1, Design, AP Art History
Contact Dominick Flores  Dominick Flores Dean, Basketball: F/S Boys, JV Boys, JV Girls. Soccer: V Boys, V Girls, Tennis:
Contact Margo Fownes  Margo Fownes Teacher
Contact Walter Fujita  Walter Fujita Algebra 1, Geometry
Contact Patricia Futia  Patricia Futia Staff


Contact Emma Gallagher  Emma Gallagher Bio: Living Earth
Contact David Galley  David Galley Geometry, Algebra 2 Tutorial Lab, Boys Varsity Basketball and Tennis Coach
Contact Angelo Gasca  Angelo Gasca RSP teacher, Health, Am Lit Comp, English 9-10, Soc Comm Skills, Football Fr/S
Contact Margot Goldstein  Margot Goldstein AP World History, Government & Economics
Contact Gloria Gonzales  Gloria Gonzales English 9, Honors Am Lit
Contact Juancarlos Gonzalez  Juancarlos Gonzalez Staff
Contact Ruth Greene  Ruth Greene Expos Comp, AP EngLit,Am Lit Comp, English Department Chair, GATE Coordinator,
Contact Gabriel Griego  Gabriel Griego Principal
Contact Tina Gruen  Tina Gruen Intcoor Sci 1, Health,
Contact Mark Gudani  Mark Gudani Honors English 9, English 9, AP Eng Lit

H - L


Contact Mrs. Y Hairston-Truitt  Mrs. Y Hairston-Truitt Assistant Principal
Contact Anselma Herrero  Anselma Herrero Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Contact Donald Holland  Donald Holland Algebra 2, H Prn Engineer
Contact Steven Hosohama  Steven Hosohama Adv PE 1, Adv PE 2
Contact Robin Hunt  Robin Hunt Algebra 2, Int Data Sci, Pre-Calc, Head Girl's and Boy's Volleyball Coach


Contact Jennie Jackson  Jennie Jackson Honors Bio, AP Env Sci
Contact Stanley Johnson  Stanley Johnson H INTR ENG DES, Geometry


Contact Martin Kanshige  Martin Kanshige Inclusion teacher, RSP teacher, Dev Read HS, Soc Comm Skills
Contact Kelly Kehr  Kelly Kehr Adv PE 1, Adv PE 2, Soccer V Boys and V Girls
Contact Hazel Kight Witham  Hazel Kight Witham AP Eng Lit, Expos Comp, Honors English 10, English 10
Contact Daren Kitajima  Daren Kitajima (310) 577-4200 Physics, Honors/AP Physics, AP Comp Sci Principles, Science Department Chair
Contact Alfredo Korzenik  Alfredo Korzenik (310) 577-4303 Athletic Director
Contact Jaclynne Kroskrity  Jaclynne Kroskrity (310) 577-4318 Am Lit Comp, Expos Comp, Prin Am Democr


Contact Pavlin Lange  Pavlin Lange (310) 577-4217 Magnet Coordinator
Contact David Lee  David Lee Music Teacher / Band Director
Contact Luisa Leon  Luisa Leon Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Contact Ryan Lewis  Ryan Lewis Adap Phys ED
Contact Wayne Lewis  Wayne Lewis (310) 577-4302 Expos Comp, English 9, Honors English 9
Contact Tim Liang  Tim Liang Algebra 1, Mandarin 3-4, AP Chin Lang
Contact Jennifer Lisowski  Jennifer Lisowski AP Eng Lit, Expos Comp, Honors Expos Comp, Am Lit Comp
Contact Soni Lloyd  Soni Lloyd US Hist 20th, AP Govt & Pol, UTLA Co Chair, Asst. Track Coach
Contact Esmeralda Lopez  Esmeralda Lopez Honors Chemistry, Chemistry
Contact Sarah Lucero  Sarah Lucero RSP Teacher, Soc Comm Skills, Dev Read, Incusion Teacher, Am Lit Comp
Contact Dali Luo  Dali Luo Mandarin 1, 3 and 4; AP Chin Lang, Humanities

M - P


Contact Ahsan Minhas  Ahsan Minhas Principles of American Democracy, Constitutional Law
Contact Carmen Morgana  Carmen Morgana Staff


Contact Diedra Ndiaye  Diedra Ndiaye English 10, Honors English 10, Adv ELD 2, L& L EL
Contact Ms. Nomachi  Ms. Nomachi Japanese 1,2,3 and 4; WLGS Magnet Lead Teacher
Contact Alejandro Nunez  Alejandro Nunez Staff
Contact Frank Nunez  Frank Nunez Assistant Principal


Contact Edward Oconnell  Edward Oconnell AP US Hist, Principles of American Democracy


Contact Andrea Page  Andrea Page Honors Spanish 3, Spanish 2,3 and 4
Contact Jair Pelaez  Jair Pelaez Inclusion teacher, Dev Math
Contact Shannon Proctor  Shannon Proctor Dev Read, RSP teacher

Q - S

Q  R

Contact Jess Rabinowitz  Jess Rabinowitz Teacher
Contact Reina Roberts  Reina Roberts WHG: Mod Wld, AP World Hist
Contact Gildardo Rodriguez  Gildardo Rodriguez Staff
Contact Brent Rojo  Brent Rojo STEMM Lead and Math Chair; Math & Engineering Teacher


Contact Sophie Sabbah  Sophie Sabbah Health, Adv PE 1 and 2, Leadership, Waterpolo VBoys and VGirls
Contact Marcos Sandoval  Marcos Sandoval AP Eng, Am Lit Comp,
Contact Vidal Sandoval  Vidal Sandoval Honors WHG Mod Wld, WHG Mod Wld, Mex Am Stu, Head X-Country & Track Coach
Contact Wendy Sarnoff  Wendy Sarnoff Music, Choral, Guitar, UTLA CC, USCG Captain
Contact Renysha Scott  Renysha Scott (310) 577-4306 College Counselor
Contact Eduardo Serna  Eduardo Serna (310) 577-4260 Screen Print Des, Graph Comm
Contact Ryan Shimizu  Ryan Shimizu Adv PE 1 and 2, Assistant Football Coach
Contact David Silberman  David Silberman AP US Hist, US Hist 20th, Work Experience
Contact Jamie Simon- Meyer  Jamie Simon- Meyer (310) 577-4324 Counselor: Media, Arts and Technology Academy
Contact S Singh  S Singh (310) 577-4292 Biology, Honors Biology, Honors Physiology
Contact Michael Smith  Michael Smith Algebra 1, Financial Algebra 2, /WASC Coordinator/SRLA Leader
Contact Rinat Subbotovsky  Rinat Subbotovsky PreCalc, Geometry, Honors PreCalc
Contact Qiqi Sun  Qiqi Sun Geometry

T - Z


Contact Christine Tachiki  Christine Tachiki Am Lit Comp, English 9, Honors English 9
Contact Mokonen Tesfom  Mokonen Tesfom Algebra 1, Explor Comp Sci, AP Comp Sci Principles
Contact Lisa Thorne  Lisa Thorne Geometry, Digital Imaging, School Website Manager, Teacher of Dragons
Contact Traci Thrasher  Traci Thrasher Academic ELD 3 and 4, Eng 10, Honors Eng 10, Theater Intro
Contact Joana Trocan-Garrett  Joana Trocan-Garrett (310) 577-4256 School Psychologist

U  V

Contact Richard Valerio  Richard Valerio (310) 577-4320 Assistant Principal
Contact Barry Vella  Barry Vella Chemistry
Contact Mr. Vicente  Mr. Vicente Spanish 1,2, and 3; AP Span Lang, Delphian Coordinator
Contact Jennifer Victorin  Jennifer Victorin (310) 577-4338 Counselor: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine Magnet (STEMM)
Contact Cynthia Vivar  Cynthia Vivar (310) 577-4312 Counselor


Contact Jon Weinberg  Jon Weinberg (310) 577-4291 Librarian, Lib Prac, AP Psyc Edgl
Contact LaNai Wiley  LaNai Wiley Eng 10, ELD 1 and 2, Expos Comp
Contact Carolyn Willcox  Carolyn Willcox Italian Teacher, levels 1-4 and AP
Contact Ivey Willwerth  Ivey Willwerth (310) 577-4271 Counselor: Academy of Law and Public Service (ALPS)
Contact Drake Witham  Drake Witham US Hist 20th, L&L EL, Economics


Contact Craig Zimmerman  Craig Zimmerman Dev Read, RSP teacher, Dev ELS
Contact Nancy Zubiri  Nancy Zubiri Eng 9, Honors Eng 9, AP Eng Lang, Journalism 1 and 2, School Newspaper Advisor