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Academy of Law and Public Service


Academy Administrator



COUNSELOR, Ms. Ivey Willwerth

Lead Teacher, Brian Bleser


Contact Brian Bleser  Brian Bleser (310) 577-4200 rm233: Chem: Earth Sys, Dev Read, Inclusion Teacher
Contact Randall Chew  Randall Chew rm7: Algebra 2
Contact Jennie Jackson  Jennie Jackson rm247/241: Honors Bio, AP Env Sci
Contact Kelly Kehr  Kelly Kehr rm Pool/WGym: Adv PE 1, Adv PE 2, Soccer V Boys and V Girls
Contact Jaclynne Kroskrity  Jaclynne Kroskrity (310) 577-4318 rm53: Am Lit Comp, Expos Comp, Prin Am Democr
Contact Diedra Ndiaye  Diedra Ndiaye rm118: English 10, Honors English 10, Adv ELD 2, L& L EL
Contact Jess Rabinowitz  Jess Rabinowitz Teacher
Contact Marcos Sandoval  Marcos Sandoval AP Eng, Am Lit Comp,
Contact Vidal Sandoval  Vidal Sandoval Honors WHG Mod Wld, WHG Mod Wld, Mex Am Stu, Head X-Country & Track Coach
Contact Wendy Sarnoff  Wendy Sarnoff Music, Choral, Guitar, UTLA CC, USCG Captain
Contact Michael Smith  Michael Smith Algebra 1, Financial Algebra 2, /WASC Coordinator/SRLA Leader

Academy of Law and Public Service

Our goal is to provide our students with a strong foundation in academics within the fields of Law, Environmental Science, Computer Technology, Forensic Science,  and Social Justice. Educators, support staff, students, parents, community, and industry leaders are stakeholders in our Academy.  Teachers collaborate on project-based curricula that enrich the students’ educational experience and allow opportunities for community outreach, mentorships and internships. Academy of Law and Public Service works to provide our students with the skills needed to be highly competitive in the 21st century work-place and the global economy.

Teen Court

Teen Court first Wednesday of the month, in the student cafeteria after school.

Two sessions left:  April 3 and May 1

Teen Court







Come see a real court case!

You be the jury!

Get Community Service hours!

Take Honors & AP Classes!
Take Honors & AP Classes!

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