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LAUSD PASSport and Schoology

Please view this PDF explaining how to register for a LAUSDPASSport account which will enable you to access all of your child's LAUSD records and current grades in Schoology. Be sure to click on Grades&Assignments icon (green) to connect to Schoology and then click on each class to ensure that you are able to view all grades and each teacher will be able to reach you. (FYI, District ID is the number on the student's LAUSD id card. Middle school ID included. For misplaced ID numbers please have students ask any of their teachers.)

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Tel. (310) 577-4217


MAGNET COUNSELOR, Mrs. Cynthia Vivar

Tel. (310) 577-4312




Magnet Office: (310) 577-4333


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Summer Assignments

English Classes:

Please click here for your appropriate level

Math Classes:

Please print out the appropriate worksheets and complete and return to your teacher on the first day of school.

ALGEBRA 1 Summer Assignment.pdf

GEOMETRY Summer Math Assignment.pdf

ALGEBRA 2 Summer Math Assignment.pdf

PRECALCULUS (Regular) Summer Assignment.pdf

HONORS PRECALCULUS Summer Assignment.pdf

For the HONORS PRECALCULUS assignment, please solve for the problems listed in the box at the top of each section.

WLGS Magnet

Friday, Sept 20, 2019

Celebrating International Day of Peace: Climate Action on the front lawn Students presented their research on issues related to climate change and empowered students to be able to advocate for changes. Peace Day Challenge, Origami Cranes for Peace, Voter (pre)Registration, Letters to Lawmakers, Carbon Tax calculator, Yoga for Peace, & Poetry for Peace.

Global gondos in action!

Welcome to the Venice WLGS Family

Click here to meet your teachers.


WLGS is Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Back in 1988, a group of teachers opened up a new program on the Venice High School campus, a program surfacing from the need to use language for practical and commercial purposes. Thirty years later, the mission still rings true.

See the livestream of the 30th Anniversary Luncheon on our Facebook page @vhsWLGS. Have tissues ready...

Guest Speakers from VJAMM
Guest Speakers from VJAMM

Read the Yo! Venice article here about the guest speakers from the Venice community who came to speak to WLGS juniors about their experiences in Japanese Internment camps during WWII.

International day of peace 2018

Maina Cioni, WLGS Class of 2016, speaks to the LAUSD Board about the merits of multilingual education.

Global action

We are Members

UN's Sustainable Development Goals #Global Goals

The WLGS Magnet is joining the UN in their campaign to transform the world.

In the 2019-2020 school year we will be focusing on                   SDG #13 Climate Action

Contact Ms. Nomachi if you would like to offer resources that pertain to this #GlobalGoals

We Did It Again! Best on the Westside 6 Years Running!

We have once again been named Best High School and Best Athletic Program on the Westside by The Argonaut newpaper.

CIEE Global navigator HS

We are a CIEE Global Navigator High School. Our students have been awarded $30,330 in scholarships for study abroad this summer in Australia, India, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Please contact Ms. Willcox for more information.

Opportunities to Support the WLGS Magnet

Please explore the links to see how you can help support the WLGS Magnet

Join the Friends of the Venice Magnet (FOVM)

Donate Now!   :)

Donors Choose Projects:

Ms. Lisowski-Readers for AP

Funded Projects: Thank you!

Ms. Nomachi-WLGS Council

Mr. Lee- Music

Mr. Vicente - Spanish 

WLGS nbc teachers

Our National Board Certified Teachers

 Mr. Kitajima, Science

 Ms. Lisowski, English

 Mr. Lloyd, History

Our Faculty
Contact Vida Bahremand  Vida Bahremand rm104: Dev Math, RSP Teacher
Contact Julia Bare  Julia Bare rm246: Biology, Honors Biology, AP Bio
Contact Jennifer Barnhill  Jennifer Barnhill rm207: French 1-4
Contact Laurie Chew  Laurie Chew rm113: AP Calculus, Honors PreCalc, PreCalc, Algebra 1
Contact David Galley  David Galley rm208: Geometry, Algebra 2 Tutorial Lab, Boys Varsity Basketball and Tennis Co
Contact Gloria Gonzales  Gloria Gonzales rm122: English 9, Honors Am Lit
Contact Daren Kitajima  Daren Kitajima (310) 577-4200 rm235: Physics, Honors/AP Physics, AP Comp Sci Principles, Science Department
Contact Pavlin Lange  Pavlin Lange (310) 577-4217 Magnet Coordinator
Contact David Lee  David Lee rms 3/S-7: Music Teacher / Band Director
Contact Tim Liang  Tim Liang rm203: Algebra 1, Mandarin 3-4, AP Chin Lang
Contact Jennifer Lisowski  Jennifer Lisowski rm108: AP Eng Lit, Expos Comp, Honors Expos Comp, Am Lit Comp
Contact Soni Lloyd  Soni Lloyd rm232: US Hist 20th, AP Govt & Pol, UTLA Co Chair, Asst. Track Coach
Contact Esmeralda Lopez  Esmeralda Lopez rm125: Honors Chemistry, Chemistry
Contact Ms. Nomachi  Ms. Nomachi rm107: Japanese 1,2,3 and 4; WLGS Magnet Lead Teacher
Contact Edward Oconnell  Edward Oconnell rm135: AP US Hist, Principles of American Democracy
Contact Reina Roberts  Reina Roberts WHG: Mod Wld, AP World Hist
Contact Ryan Shimizu  Ryan Shimizu Adv PE 1 and 2, Assistant Football Coach
Contact Qiqi Sun  Qiqi Sun Geometry
Contact Richard Valerio  Richard Valerio (310) 577-4320 Assistant Principal
Contact Mr. Vicente  Mr. Vicente Spanish 1,2, and 3; AP Span Lang, Delphian Coordinator
Contact Cynthia Vivar  Cynthia Vivar (310) 577-4312 Counselor
Contact Carolyn Willcox  Carolyn Willcox Italian Teacher, levels 1-4 and AP
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