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Our National Board Certified Teachers

 Mr. Kitajima, Science

 Ms. Lisowski, English

 Mr. Lloyd, History

WLGS Faculty and Staff

A - J

Contact Vida Bahremand  Vida Bahremand rm104: Dev Math, RSP Teacher
Contact Julia Bare  Julia Bare rm246: Biology, Honors Biology, AP Bio
Contact Jennifer Barnhill  Jennifer Barnhill rm207: French 1-4
Contact Laurie Chew  Laurie Chew rm113: AP Calculus, Honors PreCalc, PreCalc, Algebra 1
Contact AnneMarie Di Padova  AnneMarie Di Padova rm 212: Honors English 10, English 10, AP English Language
Contact Sarah Dobbs  Sarah Dobbs rm134: Geog, H US Hist 20th,
Contact David Galley  David Galley Dean, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
Contact Gloria Gonzales  Gloria Gonzales rm122: English 9, Honors Am Lit
Contact Tina Gruen  Tina Gruen rm9: Intcoor Sci 1, Health/Career Exploration


Contact Daren Kitajima  Daren Kitajima (310) 577-4200 rm235: Physics, Honors/AP Physics, AP Comp Sci Principles, Science Department
Contact Raymond Lancaster  Raymond Lancaster Algebra 1, Intro to Data Science
Contact David Lee  David Lee rms 3/S-7: Music Teacher / Band Director
Contact Tim Liang  Tim Liang rm203: Algebra 2, Mandarin 3-4, AP Chin Lang
Contact Jennifer Lisowski  Jennifer Lisowski rm108: AP Eng Lit, Expos Comp, Honors Expos Comp, Am Lit Comp
Contact Soni Lloyd  Soni Lloyd rm232: US Hist 20th, AP Govt & Pol, UTLA Co Chair, Asst. Track Coach
Contact Esmeralda Lopez  Esmeralda Lopez rm125: Honors Chemistry, Chemistry

M - Z

Contact Ms. Nomachi  Ms. Nomachi rm107: Japanese 1,2,3 and 4; WLGS Magnet Lead Teacher
Contact Edward Oconnell  Edward Oconnell rm135: AP US Hist, Principles of American Democracy
Contact Reina Roberts  Reina Roberts WHG: Mod Wld, AP World Hist
Contact Ryan Shimizu  Ryan Shimizu Adv PE 1 and 2, Assistant Football Coach
Contact Mr. Vicente  Mr. Vicente Spanish 1,2, and 3; AP Span Lang, Delphian Coordinator
Contact Cynthia Vivar  Cynthia Vivar (310) 577-4312 Counselor: World Languages and Global Studies Magnet
Contact Carolyn Willcox  Carolyn Willcox Italian Teacher, levels 1-4 and AP
Contact Christopher Wolf  Christopher Wolf Magnet Coordinator, Advisory Teacher

Magnet Coordinator, 


 Dr. Wolf


Tel. (310) 577-4217





Lead Teacher,
Ms. Nomachi


Magnet Office: (310) 577-4333



WLGS Counselor, 

Cynthia Vivar

Tel. (310) 577-4312




If you would like to add your student's name to the space available list, please follow the link below to apply.

Tel. (310) 577-4217



Magnet Late Bus

Lead Teacher, Ms. Nomachi

Magnet Office: (310) 577-4333