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Summer Assignments

Math Classes:

Please print out the appropriate worksheets and complete and return to your teacher on the first day of school.

ALGEBRA 1 Summer Assignment.pdf

GEOMETRY Summer Math Assignment.pdf

ALGEBRA 2 Summer Math Assignment.pdf

PRECALCULUS (Regular) Summer Assignment.pdf

HONORS PRECALCULUS Summer Assignment.pdf

For the HONORS PRECALCULUS assignment, please solve for the problems listed in the box at the top of each section.

English Classes:

Summer Reading Assignments - 2019 (For all non-AP English Students**)

Each year, all incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students and incoming 9th honors and magnet students will be expected to read two books during the summer. It is, of course, understood that each student will read the entire books in their original, full version (no abridged or “junior” editions) and that he/she will do his/her own work, entirely. No outside sources will be used (online summaries, etc.).

AP English Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignment for Fall 2019 

(Incoming AP English 12th grade students**)  Summer reading is required. Contact Ms. Witham, Mr. Gudani, Ms. Greene or Ms. Lisowski for more information.

AP Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignment for Fall 2019 

(Incoming AP English 11th grade students**) Summer reading is required. Contact Ms. Zubiri, Ms. Walsh, or Mr. Sandoval for more information.

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