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Chinedu Ezeh Locker
9/5/18 10:06 AM
9/5/18 10:10 AM

Chinedu Ezeh




Welcome to Venice High School, Room 225 Official website. My name is Bob Ezeh, I a married father of four off-springs. The first of my children is a US soldier, while my three beautiful daughter are all in College, (two in college, and one pursuing her Master's degree). My beautiful wife is also a teacher with deep and vast experiences in the teaching profession.

Our goal in Room 225, is to engage in vigorous academic work that challenges our ordinarily perceived abilities. We aim to overcome regular profiling associated with our students by reaching to the skies in our academic, social and intellectual pursuits. We do not just want success, we are hungry for success that defies ordinary prejudice, biases, and societal profiling of our classroom community.

consequently we know and aspire to understand the full implications of who we are and vigorously pursue ways we can overcome them. Our road will be tough, but we are tougher. It will be strewn with disappointments, but we are over-comers. As you come in contact with us, you may ordinarily underestimate our abilities, but we assure you that we will surprise you at the end of the day.

So, welcome, sit tight and be mildly surprise!

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