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The application period opens on October 1st and end on November 13th.


Application Students who reside within LAUSD boundaries but outside of the Venice boundaries, may apply for an SAS permit.


Students who reside within the Venice boundaries and meet SAS eligibility requirements will be placed in the SAS gifted/talented honors and AP classes by their counselors. No formal application is required for eligible resident students since SAS is the school site's GATE instructional program for non-magnet students.

Ms. Ruth Greene, SAS Coordinator

13000 Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90066


Late Application for
Spring Semester 2021

Beginning of Spring Semester to January 24, 2020

Click on this link to access the SAS permit application:

Application for
Fall Semester 2021-2022

The application period is October 1st - November 20th.

Important Information about the SAS Program 
Transportation Application
Transportation services are not provided. Parents are expected to provide transportation. Eligible students who reside within the LAUSD boundaries may apply. A transfer application will be available at the school of residence and it is submitted directly to the school of choice. Acceptance is based on student eligibility criteria and availability of space.


Each student must be verified by their school of attendance as meeting at least ONE of these three criteria: 

Demonstrate ability in all four critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in their primary language. (2) Percentile scores of 85 or above in both total reading and total mathematics on standardized norm-reference tests or Scaled scores on the California Standards Test (CST) as follows: (3) Identification as gifted in any of the categories (i.e. Intellectual, High Achievement, Specific Academic) by an LAUSD school
  • Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information, or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity.
  • Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information.
  • Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems.
  • Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to express creative ideas.
  • A scaled score of 445 or above in English-Language Arts, grades 2-11


  • A scaled score of 450 or above in mathematics, grades 2-7


  • A scaled score of 450 or above for grades 8 and above in one of the following math content courses: Algebra I or II; Geometry; Integrated Math I, II or III; High School Summative Math.