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Chemistry teacher for the World Languages/Global Studies Magnet

Esmeralda Lopez

Meet Ms. Lopez

Ms. Lopez comes from a low-income Mexican family. She grew up in San Diego, just miles from the border, but attended both private and public schools in both the United States and Mexico. This provided her with a unique perspective that opened her eyes to the inequalities that exist in the world of education. This, coupled with the fact that her community saw more Army and Navy recruiters than college fairs and campus visits, drove Ms. Lopez to pursue a career as a teacher, where she could bridge the existent knowledge gap and provide students with the resources they might need. 

Given that UCLA did not have a teaching major at the time, Ms. Lopez received her Bachelors in both Communication Studies and Psychology, focusing on developmental and educational psychology. She holds a teaching credential in both biological sciences and chemistry and is currently working on her Masters in Education.

In her free time, Ms. Lopez enjoys listening to podcasts, hiking, bike riding, playing board games, and conversing in Spanish

B.A. Communication Studies
B.A. Psychology
Masters in Education