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Academy Administrator:
Ms. Hairston-Truitt



Academy Counselor:
Ms. Ivey Willwerth



Lead Teacher:
Mr. Brian Bleser

Our Teachers - Academy of Law and Public Service

Contact Brian Bleser  Brian Bleser (310) 577-4200 rm233: Chem: Earth Sys, Dev Read, Inclusion Teacher
Contact Laurie Chew  Laurie Chew rm113: AP Calculus, Honors PreCalc, PreCalc, Algebra 1
Contact Jennie Jackson  Jennie Jackson rm247/241: Honors Bio, AP Env Sci
Contact Kelly Kehr  Kelly Kehr rm Pool/WGym: Adv PE 1, Adv PE 2, Soccer V Boys and V Girls
Contact Jaclynne Kroskrity  Jaclynne Kroskrity (310) 577-4318 rm53: Am Lit Comp, Expos Comp, Prin Am Democr
Contact Diedra Ndiaye  Diedra Ndiaye rm118: English 10, Honors English 10, Adv ELD 2, L& L EL
Contact Vidal Sandoval  Vidal Sandoval Honors WHG Mod Wld, WHG Mod Wld, Mex Am Stu, Head X-Country & Track Coach
Contact Wendy Sarnoff  Wendy Sarnoff Music, Choral, Guitar, UTLA CC, USCG Captain
Contact Michael Smith  Michael Smith Algebra 1, Financial Algebra 2, /WASC Coordinator/SRLA Leader