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Teen Court

What is Teen Court?

Teen Court is based on the philosophy that both the students who volunteer to participate as jurors, clerks, and bailiffs, and the juvenile offender benefit from participation.

The premise is that a juvenile offender
will not continue 
delinquent behavior after participating in a judicial process in which a jury of their peers determines that he or she violated the law and recommends an appropriate consequence.

Each Teen Court case teaches the juvenile offender and the student volunteers:

1) The rules of the law that apply to the particular case;

2) The consequences of the offense; and 

3) How due process is observed by court procedure.

When does Teen Court meet?

  • Teen Court usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month, 3:15-5:15 in the student cafeteria
  • Snacks are provided
  • Here are the dates for the 2019-20 school year:
November 6 December 4 January 15 February 5
March 4 April 4 May 6  


Can I earn Community Service hours by attending Teen Court?


El Rancho Teen Court - Student Film