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Senior Superlatives Nominations

Hey Class of 2021! It’s Senior Superlative NOMINATION time!


Please fill out the linked nomination form on your own time (not during class time or remote-learning time), or visit the Venice School Loop website to take the survey in the yearbook section - submit by the deadline: 10:00 PM on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

In order to ensure accuracy and participation by all seniors, students in the senior class have the opportunity of nominating their classmates for each category on the linked Google Form (NOMINATE SENIORS ONLY!!!!). You must include first and last names in order for your nominations to be tallied.

The Yearbook Staff will tally the nominations, and the top three students nominated in each category will go out to the senior class for the final vote provided that 51% or more of the senior class submits a completed nomination form by the deadline; If a student obtains 75% or more nominations in round one, that student will be declared the category winner.

Superlatives will only move on to Round 2-Voting if 51% or more of the senior class submits complete nomination forms by the deadline. The yearbook staff strives to produce an inclusive and balanced yearbook for all, but if less than half of the senior class actually cares enough to submit preliminary senior superlative nominations, it shows the yearbook staff that the senior class, as a whole, would rather not include superlatives this year. Majority rules!

Nomination forms submitted by anyone who is not a current member of the senior class will be deleted. Any and all inappropriate comments included on nomination forms will be reported to administration for discipline, nullify your nomination, and preclude you from voting in the final round.

FORMS MUST BE COMPLETE AND SUBMITTED BY 10:00 pm on Tuesday, March 16, 2020. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Venice Senior High School 2021 Yearbook co-editors Violet Fowler, Matilde Santos, or Cyrus Wyatt. -

Yearbook Advisor - Mr. Serna -



Please note, you need to be signed into your LAUSD email to take the survey.