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Senior Section

Welcome to your senior year!!!

Senior family Meeting - 

Thank you for coming to the meeting prior to Back To School Night.  With 89 families in attendance, we are off to a good start, but please, help other senior families by sharing the information you got at the meeting with them.

We will announce the winner of the participation prize next week.  Stay tuned!

In the mean time, if you were unable to make it to the meeting, please find the two presentations and the three handouts that were provided at the meeting in the left column. 

Students and parents, we will post updates here on a regular basis.  Please check our Instagram account as well (@vhs2020club).  


A few items to start working on:

  1. Make an appointment with CFP Studio Photography to take your senior portrait.  Visit their website to make an appointment:
  2. PTSA Membership for 2019-2020 is open now at  We will be bringing back those popular Student Coupon Books.  Don't forget 2020 Seniors must be member to be eligible for any PTSA Scholarships.  

Secretary's Report


At our last meeting, the 2020 Club discussed what our class color should be. We posted the poll on our Instagram account. The decided color will be used for activities and competitions against the lower grade levels.   

Also, the senior Package information went out, but everyone will get a copy in a couple of weeks in their Senior English classes. The package will be available to purchase starting in October, and offers a discount for those who purchase the package. A deposit of $30 will be due at the student store by December 13th,  with the balance due by 02/21/20.

We are not done fundraising yet!  Our next one will be selling food at Grease Night on September 28th.  Come see us!



You can read previous week's reports on a public Google Doc:

read it here


Applications for JOE are due by Friday, September 20th to the college Center by 3pm.

Class of 2020 Sponsor

Please contact me with questions as I am sure you will have plenty!

Mr. Vicente


Weekly Class Meetings

Seniors, the weekly class meetings will continue in room 204 on Fridays, at lunch.  


PTSA Corner

Please download the PDF file that was handed out on 09/10/19 at the PTSA meeting at 7:30pm.  

Read it for info on Grad Nite Tickets, on sale now, Scholarships, The President's Volunteer Award, and the Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts awards. 

Grad Nite Tickets

Buy your tickets here - there are different payment packages.  The cost covers your ticket, your transportation, and your t-shirt. Please note, we are very grateful to PTSA as they are only charging for the cost of admission and are subsidizing the cost of the buses and shirts.